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The 3-step formula to overcoming your software challenges:

Define the problem

With your help, we will comprehensively assess your technology landscape and pinpoint the bottlenecks and main areas that need improvement in your software.


Control the solution

We delve into a solution workshop and discuss your next best moves for the tech needs of your business.

Solve with code

Kick back and relax while we implement your concept into code and tech you to the next level.


Our competitive advantage services blueprint

Web Development

Start setting the pace of your business growth with the power of automation and smart code.

Front-end Development

Maximize your software’s performance and adaptability for a smooth-as-silk user experience.

Back-end Development

Minimize server usage costs, manage data efficiently, and prepare your software for future growth.

Cloud Solutions

Scale your software and make it as future-proof as possible with the latest cutting-edge technological advances.

Data Modeling

Create a data-driven app to architect your database to select and store your data for maximum scalability.

Inside our tech toolbox

Hi, we’re Dubov Software!

With 10 years of experience in full-stack software development, you can trust we’ve got your back and front ends covered. With us, you get the expertise and agility of senior developers and none of that lethargic corporate bureaucracy. We lead with tech and solve with code!

Clients we’re thankful for!

I had the honor of working with Alon! Very talented and have excellent communication skils

Yonatan Ganot


We have used Alon’s Web development services to develop a cloud app and an interactive dashboard. I found Alon to be professional and effective.

Erez Aluz

Adam CogTec

I have been working with Dubov Software for a year on a web-based React.js project and I found their service to be highly professional and amazing.

Lachezar Shoykov


They took good care of us I was pleased with Dubov’s end-to-end service. Definitely would work again with them.

Georgi Kovachev


I would be pleased to work with Dubov Software again in the future.
Quick and professional delivery.

Stefan Dyankov


Projects we’re proud of

International Financial System

We wrote models on rest API and worked with AWS for an international financial system for e-commerce businesses that worked with multiple currencies and various payment methods, including coupons.

All-in-one accounting solution

We helped an accounting startup develop a mobile platform for users to upload and keep track of their accounting problems. We did this using React and React Native. The result was an accounting one-stop-shop.

Real-time data collection and processing software

We created a responsive dashboard with diagrams and charts that reflected dynamic real-time changes of visual data collected from vehicles.
The result saved a lot of time and errors.

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